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Having Lunch alongside Great White Sharks

People lunch next to the window of a large aquarium with fish and sharks in the Hold Cargo restaurant in Durban - If you're looking for the ultimate nautical gourmet experience, then shipwrecked restaurant 'Cargo Hold' is one of the more remarkable options.

The 'Cargo Hold' restaurant is built in a replica of South Africa's legendary ghost ship 'The Phantom' and masterfully incorporated into the famous uShaka aquarium.

As you lunch on oysters and seafood in the cool dark interior of the ships' stern, Durban's finest marine life - including their famous sharks - will drift past the windows.

And to give it that shipwrecked feel, much of the famous aquarium lies below the boat and one of the water rides runs right through it.

The ship will no doubt evoke memories of the many ghost stories that pepper South Africa's coastlines.

Legend has it that at the turn of the last century the Phantom ship was sighted sailing into Durban harbour from a southerly direction.

At dusk it rounded Durban's Bluff headland with just one blue-green light swinging at the fore.

Ship's stevedores waited for the vessel - described as a stern ship with a black and scarlet funnel and two masts to enter the harbour, but it never did.

Weeks later it appeared in the same place, yet even closer to shore. It seemed to have no name, answered no signals and flew no flags.

Some said it was lost, others said it was on a secret mission. And with no conclusions reached the boat became ingrained in locals' minds as The Phantom'.

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