Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

Facebook Update: 'On tha run'

To go with focus story Indonesia-media-Internet by Presi Mandari Abdu Rauf, 12 year old Indonesian Facebook user, logs on at an internet shop in Jakarta on February 17, 2010. Indonesia is considering proposals to block internet sites that are deemed to violate public decency and privacy, provoking a barrage of criticism from bloggers and web users. The new rules would make it illegal to distribute or provide access to pornography or gambling services, anything that spreads religious hatred or threats, and any news deemed misleading. - A prisoner who escaped custody while being taken to a Queensland hospital could be heading to WA - according to his own Facebook page. Justin Grant, 21, fled Queensland Corrective Services custody on Thursday night while being transported to Townsville Hospital.

Grant was being held on remand on drug, burglary, and unlawful use of a motor vehicle charges but had to be taken to hospital after punching a brick wall with his right hand. He was taken into custody on July 2.

Despite the injury, and being handcuffed, Grant managed to escape.

He reportedly contacted a female friend in WA on Facebook shortly after escaping, and she in turn contacted Queensland police.

Grant posted on Facebook last month that he wanted to head to his home town of Kalgoorlie.

"On tha run again, gonna go to WA," he wrote though that was before he was taken into custody on the latest charges.

He was also barefoot, wearing denim shorts, and a dark green v-neck shirt with "Corrective Services" emblazoned on the back.

Grant also has a tattoo of a snake on his upper right arm.

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