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Indonesia's Q3 Fuel Consumption Reaches 92.5 Million Barrels

Vehicles are stuck in a traffic jam on a toll road during peak hour in Jakarta July 16, 2010. Indonesias strong domestic demands has pushed record sales of cars, giving a boost in revenue for vehicle manufacturers and toll road operators.
JAKARTA, - Domestic fuel consumption in the third quarter of 2010 rose to 92.5 million barrels from 87.7 million barrels a quarter earlier on rising economic activities, a Bank Indonesia report said. The higher fuel consumption in the transportation and electricity sectors was responsible for the increase in the third-quarter fuel consumption, the central bank said in its balance of payments (NPI) report issued on Monday.

The report noted that the increase in the number of motor vehicles, motorcycles in particular had contributed to the increase in fuel consumption. Fuel consumption in the electricity sector also showed an upward trend in line with rising demand for electrical power as a result of increasing production activities at home, the report said.

Bank Indonesia also noted that the country recorded a deficit of around US$1 billion in its oil trade balance in the third quarter, declining from US$1.2 billion in the quarter before. The declining deficit was mainly the result of a drop in oil prices and import volume.

Oil exports in the third quarter meanwhile fell US$2 million to US$3.5 billion from US$3.7 billion in the previous quarter due in part to declining oil prices, it said. While oil output dropped to 0.950 million barrels per day from 0.965 bpd previously the volume of oil exports rose after the government released oil stocks, it said.

Oil imports in the third quarter of 2010 reached US$4.6 billion consisting of crude oil worth US$1.4 billion and oil products worth US$3.2 billion, declining from US$4.9 billion in the previous quarter.

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