Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

Did Roy Suryo Compromise with Luna Maya?

Roy Suryo

JAKARTA, - Boy Afrian Bondjol, Luna Maya and Ariel's lawyer of OC Kaligis Associate exposed surprising facts over porn videos allegedly starred by both celebrities. According to him, Roy Suryo, an expert witness involved by national police headquarters into the investigation over the videos, ever sent short messages (SMS) to Luna Maya.

In his message dated on June 6, 2010, someone who claimed as Roy asked Luna and Ariel to cooperate with him and stated that the video was doctored. How come?

"Right now I'm holding Luna Maya's cell phone. I'm reading Roy Suryo's SMS sent to Luna Maya," said Boy, at national police headquarters, Jakarta while showing white BlackBerry, Friday.

The followings are the texts read by Boy:

"Morning mbak (Ms.), sorry to bother you if you are taking a rest but hope not and get you fresh to reply this. This really takes my serious concern as I've been pondering solutions over the hot issue having been shocking Indonesia lately. If you agree with the conditions; First, in the following week, let media and those who claim know everything and as IT experts comment, you just keep silent," read Boy.

From three points of conditions read, Boy stressed the third point that pinpoints Roy's move proposed to Luna and Ariel that three of them would declare that the video is fake or in short Luna and Ariel are not the stars on it. Not only reading the texts, Boy also showed the texts to journalist from various media.

Boy also brought the text transcripts in 2 papers written neatly. According to Boy, Luna did not reply the texts at that time.

Does it mean the sender plans to blackmail Luna?

"I don't want to make any assumption. Try to figure it out by yourselves. The texts are from Roy Suryo, try to figure it out," said Boy. (ANI)

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