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A Catalogue of Deadly Disasters in Indonesia

A man with injuries sustained from Mount Merapis latest eruption arrives at Sarjito hospital in Yogyakarta November 5, 2010. Indonesias Mount Merapi volcano erupted with renewed ferocity on Friday, killing another 54 people and blanketing the surrounding area with ash.

JAKARTA, - Indonesia’s most active volcano, Mount Merapi, on Friday killed at least 58 people and forced thousands to flee after it erupted again. The latest deaths bring the total toll to more than 100 since the mountain on Java island started erupting on October 26, a day after a tsunami killed more than 400 people off Sumatra island to the west.

Indonesia sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, where the meeting of continental plates causes high seismic activity, and has the world’s largest number of active volcanos. Here are some of the country’s major disasters since 2004: 2010 — October 25: A powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake hits a remote island chain off western Sumatra, triggering a tsunami that kills 428 people and leaves 15,000 homeless. Another 74 people remain missing, feared dead.

— October 26: Mount Merapi erupts in central Java, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee and killing more than 100 people as the volcano continues to erupt over the succeeding days — October 4: Flash floods that strike a district in eastern Indonesia’s West Papua province kill at least 148 people.

— February 23: At least 85 are left dead or missing after a landslide near Bandung to the south of Jakarta.

2009 — November 8: A landslide in Palopo district, South Sulawesi province, kills at least 30 people.

— September 30: Earthquake hits near Padang city in Sumatra, killing at least 1,100 people.

— September 2: Quake rocks Java, killing at least 100.

2007 — December 26: More than 130 die in Java floods, landslides.

— July: Over 130 die in Sulawesi floods, landslides.

— March 6: Sumatra quake kills 73.

— February 1: Jakarta floods leave at least 80 dead.

— December 24-29: More than 300 dead and missing after Sumatra floods, 350,000 left homeless.

— July 17: 650 die after an undersea quake strikes off Java, unleashing a tsunami.

— June 20-24: Sulawesi floods leave 350 dead and missing, 13,000 homeless.

— May 27: A quake in Indonesia’s Yogyakarta region kills 5,800 and leaves 1.5 million homeless.

— March 28: An 8.6-magnitude quake on Nias island kills at least 900.

2005 — February 21: A refuse landslide buries a shantytown southeast of Jakarta, killing more than 140.

— December 26: An undersea earthquake off the coast of Sumatra island triggers a tsunami that kills 220,000 in countries around the Indian Ocean, including 168,000 in Indonesia.

Sumber : AFP

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